An Introduction of sorts


I suppose this calls for a polite How do you do. I’m Kate, I’m 23 going on 40 and at this moment in time it is mid-afternoon, I am five months pregnant and a bit uncomfortable on the dining chair I chose as my ill advised perch. So. This is blogging. I’ve always wanted a blog- a rather ‘self indulgent exercise’ as a friend of mine once stated. But I figure I talk to myself enough on a day to day basis- why shouldn’t I write it all done in an organised fashion for once?

At this particular moment in time I am trying to establish some sort of theme for this blog…I bake a lot. Could I do a baking blog? Maybe. I’m certainly opinionated, could I use this as a medium to express that? I’m expecting my first child as a single mother. There’s something to be said on that subject too one supposes.

The more I think about pigeon holing myself the more I seem to be repelled to do the opposite. In school they always teach you to write with a clear and focused purpose, to be concise with your points and aim to deliver a well defined message.

Well, I can be clear enough in saying that certainly isn’t me. I definitely am not clear or defined in anything I do- my actions don’t really have any particular pattern, let alone my writing. I hop needlessly and endlessly from one subject to another in between taking gigantic sips of Yogi Tea (of which I am hopelessly obsessed).

Yes. I think that will be the theme of this blog…to simply have no theme at all. Isn’t it supposed to be enjoyable after all? And I don’t know about you, but refinement has never been enjoyable to me.


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