Who Gives a Folk?

Are you superstitious?

The other day a friend of mine was complaining of itchy palms. I instantly cooed ‘That means some money will be coming your way.’

I may aswell have been dressed in rags, peering into a crystal ball and asking her to cross MY palm with silver.

I honestly never thought I was very superstitious until I actively caught myself saying the old wives tale with such excitement and what’s more- actually believing it.

The more I thought about it, the more I started recognising these patterns of superstitious belief in my daily actions.

Three drains? Take a step around, don’t be a fool. Itchy sole? You’ll be going somewhere new soon- maybe that nice restaurant you’ve been begging your friends to try. Black cat crossed your path? Crow on the chimney? Omens of the bad, my friend. Take cover and hide until it’s safe.

I don’t even know how half of these have worked their way into being habitual. I just know that somehow over time they have become little silent rules that I have on repeat in the background. Never ending and always present, these little superstitions that guard me from tempting fates cruel hand.

The more I thought about it, the more I wondered how superstition plays such a big part in every day life, not just for me but for others too. My grandmother, for instance. She has to end a telephone conversation with ‘God Bless.’ Part religion, perhaps- but still. If she doesn’t, she feels a bad sense of foreboding.

Where does this need to do certain things for suspected results come from? Is it the subconscious need to feel more in control of our own destiny than we are, to be masters of our own fate?

As superstitious as I am, something tells me that the downfalls in my life couldn’t have been avoided by stepping around that extra drain. However, I will still make my journeys that little bit longer by doing so, whilst merrily saluting every magpie as I go.


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